This gets a bit snarky.

My name is Joel Pedersen, I live in the middle of the California desert, and I make, by hand, all of the ceramic pieces in this shop!

Unfortunately, due to the pro-reseller policies of Etsy, and the Walmart-esque cynical churn of Amazon, there is an absurd number of resellers with deceptive marketing practices in the handmade space. The photo is me, many, many years ago. Okay, I was about to go on an amusement park ride which I was afraid of and unhappy about, but my expression there sums up my feelings about deceptive businesses.

As I said, all the ceramic pieces in this shop are handmade by me! I do not buy a bunch pieces from who knows where, made by who cares who (as long as they're cheap) and call myself a 'designer,' like some dude, bro, business degree hustling little ceramic animals, hoping their customers will be duped by the site design and lyrical prose into thinking they're a millennial girl, somehow capable of churning out several thousand pieces a month while insisting everything is made of 'starlight and dreams.'

This is my exclusive business. I do not have other businesses hawking male enhancement pills and christian clothing, like another 'competitive businessman' I recently spotted selling mass-produced astronaut and dinosaur charms (under a woman's name) in the 'handmade' space.

I don't have anything against reselling or having 5 other unrelated businesses, but I do find deceptive marketing really disgusting. Don't pretend you're a maker when you're not, don't say this business is your passion when it's just something you're doing to make a buck, don't write your own happy customer reviews or pay shills to give you five stars. For the love of everything that is holy, stop lying, it just makes things worse for everyone!

When you purchase from me you're buying something that I have created with my own two hands because I like it. I like it so much that I have been doing it for several years now. I value and depend on the people who support my work. When you purchase from me you help me pay for more supplies to keep this going, as well as food, housing, and a portion of the interest of my student loans which I will likely carry with me until I die. When you purchase from me you'll know who made that piece on your desk or hanging around your neck, and you'll know they value you too much to lie to you.