Your Generosity

A low-cost way to support this artist.

by Joel Pedersen
July 29th, 2023 7:52AM

Some have reached out to me with encouraging, supportive words, unable to purchase presently. Let me tell you, I appreciate any support and encouragement I can get! It seriously keeps me going. If you would like to support my work further, one thing that is especially helpful is sharing my work in your social media. Depending on the platform this can take the form of boosting a post, sharing it to a story, or re-blogging it, or, if you're so inclined, making a post of your own with my artwork and a link to my shop. It helps to get the word out that I exist, and if there is one thing that can kill an artist it's obscurity. Unfortunately, the larger, corporate platforms foster this obscurity in order to sell advertising (a recent buyer said that they didn't even know I was painting, though they had been following me for months). So, again, sharing my work on your social media really helps!